Month 12.5: FINAL POST

Last, but not least...

Shopping List
     *1 #10 can Powdered Butter.  $25.59

Total:  25.59

If you have stuck with me through this ENTIRE year, you are AMAZING!!! I barely handled it! Over the last six years, I have learned so much about food storage, and truly caught the vision of why it is so important to be prepared. I am always so grateful for the items I have ready, and still determined to get the rest of the items I need. I have made mistakes and figured out solutions, and still working on it! BUT, it is an amazing feeling being aware of ALL that I have already accomplished. I hope I was able to convey the information to you in a way that will make your personal journey pf creating a food storage little easier and less time consuming. Continue to move forward, even if progress seems slow. You are one third of the way there! (for a family of four at least). You will reach your food storage goals before you know it!

If you have not purchased my book "A Practical Guide for Food Storage" I recommend you do.  I split up the year into 3 sections, 4 months each.  You can find my other two sections in there as well as more tips and information.

If you would like a PDF of the recipes and/or shopping list with everything combined please:

email me with the SUBJECT line saying either "Recipes and/or Shopping List"


leave a comment with your email and a line saying "Recipes and/or Shopping List"

ALSO... I have created and easy meal planning for 7 meals in a 1week, 1 month, or 4 month shopping list with a variety of breakfast and dinners.  Click to check out my Etsy Shop with all my Food Storage Planning Options.

*I will NOT send you any other emails, OR save your email address and send you spam or anything else.  I will strictly use your email to send you the PDF you requested.  Thanks!

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