Month 10: Non-Food Items

Shopping List:
Costco/Sams Club
     *7 40oz BBQ.  $34.93
     *9 40oz Jars Jam.  $62.91

Total:  $97.84

Non Food Items
It's important to think about items other then food such as paper goods, rags for washing, toilet paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, personal hygiene items, first aid kits, laundry detergent and other soaps, trash bags, matches, Kleenex, cleaning detergents/oils, ect. to make living easier. There is a good chance that you will have these in your home, but having extras in case of an emergency will save you from having to worry.

I personally have used my “emergency food supply” many times when I run out of napkins or laundry detergent and I'm not able to run to the store quick (because I have kids sleeping), but I JUST HAVE TO GET X,Y AND Z finished. I just re-add it to my shopping list to supply next time.

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