Month 4: Storage Part 1

Shopping List:
     *2 Freeze Dried Chicken. $84.18
                OR 52 servings if buying canned
     *2 Re-fried Bean Flakes.  $22.38
               OR 36 ½ c servings... if buying 16 oz can, that is 10 cans

Total:  $106.56


There are many different ways to store your food items. My personal favorite is this food rotation system from Shelf Reliance (when bought from Costco it was cheaper).  You can click Here to check it out.  You can also get it from Thrive by clicking  Here

Regular can sizes (each column holds 15-17 cans), and #10 can on bottom (holds 7).  

#10 size only.  Holds 7 cans each.

I have both of these.   I am able to re size the width of the rows to fit various sizes.   I am able to hold ALL of my canned food items, and MOST of my #10 food items in these two shelves for a year supply of food for a family of 4.  I chose these two, even though they are quite expensive, because they hold 7 (#10 cans) and 15-17 regular food canned items per shelf, and rotate it in the exact order I put them in. I also like how they can be taken apart, and moved (like cross country).

 I also have a set of wire shelves to hold the other items such as below.  Between these three shelves, I hold ALL my year supply of food storage, MINUS my wheat and flour.

I have researched on Pinterest some of the shelves made ones with wood, that are a lot cheaper and can be hung up various places, but when I was originally looking for what I wanted, we didn't have the time or build them, or desire. I absolutely LOVE the ones I have. I've had them for 4 years, and not ONCE have I regretted making the purchase.  You can see my Storage Post 2 coming January 6, 2016 on some links of various blogs designs for rotation systems.  

There are SO SO SO many different options out there, that I KNOW you can find one that fits your family perfectly! 

REMEMBER!  Check back January 6th for a list of blogs that have posted various plans. (You can also search Pinterest for Food Rotation System DIY for more ideas)

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