Month 3: Money Saving Tips

Shopping List:
Honeyville/Augason Farms/ Thrive
     *1 Freeze Dried Chicken. $43
             OR 26 servings if buying canned
     *2 Freeze Dried Bell Peppers.  $42
     *1 Freeze Dried OR Dehydrated Onions.  $14.10

     *1 Re-fried Bean Flakes.  $11.19
               OR 18 ½ c servings... if buying 16 oz can, that is 6 cans

Total: $110.29

Some of you may be thinking “Ok. I've been able to handle the extra money from our budget so far... but Christmas is less than 2 months away. Where am I going to get that extra money?””

Have no fear!!! Here are some great blogs that have Money Saving Tips...

Carissa Shaw A list of 15 ways to save money
Kids Activities Blog A list of 50 ways to save money
Blissful and Domestic Tips on how to cut your grocery bill in half
Beauty Through Imperfection Four more ways to save money... without changing your lifestyle
Parents Four more ways to save money on your grocery bill
The Humbled Homemaker More tips on how this mom is able to stay at home with her kids, and avoid spending extra $$$

I have tried to make the food storage budget as cheep as possible. I know buying freeze dried food ISN'T CHEAP... but it works for me without having to worry about dairy products. ALSO, I don’t eat “canned meat”. I would rather has FD meet instead.

I wanted to list some tips... because it is close to Christmas, on ideas/ways you can try to save money in some places so you can afford Food Storage... oh, and Christmas gifts!

Food Storage Challenge Introduction
Month #1:  What are #10 cans?
Month #1.5: Storing Bulk Items
Month #2:  Breakfast Recipes

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