Month 12: Other Food for Easy Living

If you look really close you can see "Use Me" written on my peanut butter.  This was because as I was checking my food, this was dented with a bulge.  Even if  I only bought it a month ago, I wanted to use it before it went bad.

Shopping List: 
     *6 6lb Large Peanut Butter.  $77.04.  OR 510 (2 Tablespoon) servings.
     *2 6lb Large Shortening.  $19.56  OR 454 (1 Tablespoon) servings.
     *3 6pack (makes 2 Quarts each) containers of Drink Mix.  $6

Total:  $102.60

Other Food For Easy LivingHere is a list of other food items such as snacks and spices that will make your “time” living off food storage more pleasant. It's important to have other options if you have kiddos at home. (We all know how picky a baby, toddler, child, teenager, college student is...)

Chili powder
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Bay leaves
Meat spices
Mrs. Dash
Cajun seasoning
Dried Fruit
Freeze Dried fruit or vegetables
Snack bars such as granola bars, protein or high power bars
Gatorade, or more drink mix powder to flavor water

You know better than I do what you family enjoys.  Put snacks in there that YOU would use to make for easy rotating and nothing wasted.

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***Disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate for HoneyvilleThrive, or Augason Farms.  I am the author of "A Practical Guide for Food Storage" so I do receive some payment from those purchases.

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