Month 4.5: How to Rotate Food You Don't Like

Shopping List:
     *16 24oz Spaghetti Sauce.  $16     
     *4 8oz Baking Cocoa.  $8.76

Total:  $24.76

As you are collecting more and more food, I'd like to give you some tips on ways to rotate the items.

*One of the reasons I use Freeze Dried beef and dairy is because I DON'T have to rotate it. Therefore... It's one less thing of my busy life I do'nt need to worry about.

*But... if I wanted to rotate my FD items, it's really easy.  You can cook with it for your regular meals, OR it's easy and light weight to use camping trips, back packing or canoe trips. 

*How do I rotate food I NEVER use, OR don't like?  I HATE Spaghetti and Alfredo... noddles. BUT it is SUCH an easy meal and CHEAP for a food storage.  That's why I include it.  The way I rotate items I don’t really like (Baked Beans in my husbands case), is combine them with a more elaborate recipe. So I will do Spaghetti and Meat balls with noodles, or add some bell peppers and other items to the sauce to “spruce it up”. The Baked Beans... well, I usually offer to bring chips and beans to our summer BBQ friends/family activities. That way, it's being rotated without my husband having to eat it!   I also make an elaborate meal using those items, then invite family/friends over for dinner so I don't have to have it for left over.  (They only THINK I'm being nice!  hahaha)

*The baking products should be fairly easy to rotate, if you do a lot of baking. Don’t bake much? Don't worry! Bake for neighbors, or your friend who hsd sick kiddos, or someone getting home from the hospital. Trust me, even if you're sick, home made brownies and cookies ALWAYS sound good for dinner!

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