Month 5: Storage Part 2

Since my wheat comes in 25 lb bags and I put them in large buckets, you're stuck with a measuring cup full :)

Shopping List:
LDS Cannery OR Home Storage Center/Honeyville/Augason Farms/Thrive
     *4 28oz or 1.8bl bag Powder Milk.  $25  OR  116 (3 Tablespoon) servings if buying #10 can
     *5 #10 can Sugar.  $21.25  OR 19 cups if buying in a different container
     *2 #10 can Potato Flakes.  $9   OR 78 (1/3 cup) servings if buying it elsewhere
     *4 #10 can Noodles. $17   OR 312 (1/2 cup) servings if buying boxed
     *8 #10 can Quick Oats. $26  OR 216 (1/2 cup) servings of buying it elsewhere or different container
     *1 25lb bag Wheat.  Red, White, Hard, Soft, doesn't matter.  $6  OR 2 #10 cans  OR 39 cups.

Total: $104.25

***Here is a quick link to Prepared Housewives blog giving you tips about the LDS Cannery, AKA Home Storage Center***

Here is the promised list of various blogs that have different Food Storage Rotation DIY plans. I saw many that used cardboard... but opted agasint posting those because I perfer not to use them. You can certaninly look up those and choose what works best for YOUR family, YOUR space, YOUR time, and YOUR budget.

Here are two blogs that have posted creative ideas and tips storing food storage around the house. 

Prepared Housewives 
One Good Thing by Jillee

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