Month 10.5: Easy Way to Keep Track of Items

Shopping List:
     *16 28oz cans Baked Beans.  $22.24
     *1 24 oz Hershey's Syrup.  $2.28

Total: $24.52

As we near the end of the “year”, I'm sure you have LOTS of food lying around... that's assuming you are like ME. (But, my husband always tells me not to assume... because I'm 99% of the time wrong). If you DO have a lot of food lying around, OR in hiding random spots in your house to try to store it and keep it out of sight... a chart like below might help.
Place Stored
Apples, Dehydrated
Bedroom #1
Baked Beans
Pantry, Small Rotate Shelf
Baking Powder
Pantry, Small Rotate Shelf
Baking Soda
Pantry, Metal Shelf
Beef, Freeze Dried
Bedroom #1
Beef, Freeze Dried
Bedroom #1
Brown Sugar
Pantry, Metal Shelf

You will want to list all the items, in whatever order you prefer, and in the next column mark where they are stored. Then, keep this list in a spot where you will find it. I keep it in my copy of “A Practical Guide For Food Storage” in our fire safe. I also have a copy posted on my Rotation System for easy access also.

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***Disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate for HoneyvilleThrive, or Augason Farms.  I am the author of "A Practical Guide for Food Storage" so I do receive some payment from those purchases.

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