Month 7.5: Keep Items Fresh

Shopping List:
     *16 Box Stuffing Mix (any flavor).  $14.24
     *5 48oz Oil (vegetable or canola, whichever you prefer). $9.4

Total: $23.69

Keep Items Fresh
Keeping tack of how old or new your food is important.  The worst case would be to use your food storage for an emergency and have all the food be bad.  Most #10 cans last 20-30 years shelf life; but canned food items, and bottles of oil and such do have dates. There are two basic ways to do this.

1. Look for the expiration date on the item, highlight it, or be aware of the basic areas so you can check it easier.

2. Place the month/year you bought the item on the lid/bottom/label using a permanent marker. I choose this option for a few reasons. First, then I KNOW exactly where to look, so it's easier for me to spot. Second, I have the HARDEST time EVER actually finding the expatriation date... call me slow or blind or whatever... I just can never spot it! And when I do spot it, it's so faded I can't read it. 

I recommend every 1-2 years you go through and check any and all items. Items that are bulging or rusted should be shifted to the front to use. There may be a chance that these have gone bad and need replacing.  

When buying canned food items, I always try to make sure there aren't any dents or cracks in any of the cans or bottles.  


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