Links to GREAT Food Storage Preparation websites

I LOVE food storage!  Over the past few months I have spent A LOT of time trying to find my "favorite" food storage blogs...

These were the requirements:

*Tons of information, FREE
*Good quality information

*Free charts or lists
*Not a TON of ads (esp when searching on my phone)... and not super slow website to browse...
*Looks pretty on the eyes
*Easy to navigate

Here's what I came up with:

Self Reliant School:  Information from food storage and preparedness, to gardening and even homeschooling.  

Food Storage and Survival:  So much information under Food Storage and her Survival Tabs!  I thought I knew a lot... I know nothing compared to her!

Mormon Mommy Blogs:  This is a HUGE database on ALL kinds of information.  Click under their "Blot Categories A-F" and find the label "Frugality, Finance, and Self Reliance" for a whole NEW list of blogs!  

Store This Not That:  Has great tips on Food Storage and Preparedness... check out some of their recipes... They make me hungry just looking at them!  

Food Storage Made Easy:  HUGE site with checklists, 10 baby steps to food storage and more!

Prepared LDS Family:  Great blog with a 12 Month Emergency Preparedness lists, and other free downloads.  

The Essential Homemaker:  Another website that focuses on basic Food Storage.  I love the tips on gardening and food preservation!  Excited to try some out this summer with our First Garden!  *She also reviewed my Book "A Practical Guide for Food Storage" HERE

The Survival Mom:  As a mom, I LOVE lists!  THIS website has a "List of Lists"!  Ranging anything including survival, food, and prepardness!  It's a MUST to checkout!  

Figuring Out Food Storage:  Trying to figure out where to start?  This blog will tell you where!

Deals To Meals:  This is a business.... but, they have two GOLDEN tabs!  "Free Downloads" with a food storage checklist, year supply, recipes, and menu planning... and "Food Storage 101" to get you started.  

Survive Hive:  A great site with TONS of checklist for preparedness.  

Survival at Home:  This website has information including: Homesteading, Gardening, Preparedness, Bug out tips, Survival Tips 
Each perfectly organized under tabs!  Take a look!


I know there are SO Many more blogs out there!  

Do you have one you LOVE and wanna add to the list OR you wanna be added? 

Comment below, or email me at to be added to the list!  You can see other ways to contact me through my Contact Me page.  

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