Pros and Cons to Chickens... told by Charisse

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If you look at the # on the list, they are actually pretty even.  7 Pros and 6 Cons.  It's the content in the Pros that really out weights the Cons.  Make sure you read all the way through!  

Pros of having chickens:

1. You can sell the eggs. We sell them for $2 a dozen. Since by boys are still little and aren't earning the money, we use the money to buy food for the chickens.
2. “Organic” Eggs whenever you need for cheaper
3. Great way to get rid of your scraps. I throw all food to my chickens except left over eggs. We cook dinner one night and eat it, eat left overs for one day, and what ever is left goes to the chickens. It's really nice to not feel “guilty” for throwing out the food or not having to eat it to save money. My refrigerator is SO clean of left overs!
4. If you have young kids that never eat everything on their plate, give it to the chickens
5. Since I”m not throwing food such as left overs, apple cores, crumbs in the garbage, I don't have to empty it as much because It doesn't smell
6. When the chickens stop laying eggs, you can butcher them, wrap them up good, and put them in the freezer for meat.
7. The poop makes good fertilizer for your garden (just make sure you don’t use too much!)
8.  I LOVE how bright the yolk is!

Cons of having chickens:

1. They smell. So you have to make sure you keep the pen somewhat clean (we go out ever 2—3 weeks to clean out the piles of poop)

2. Flies. But, if you find a good fly catcher they fill up quick!
3. Where ever chickens are, they will kill EVERYTHING. Chickens EAT everything green, so if you have pretty flowers (even roses) or a garden, they will EAT it. If they DON'T happen to eat it, then all of they poop will kill every living thing. So, if you have chickens, make sure you put them in a place you don't mind having no grass.
4. You have to collect the eggs... sometimes more than once a day if they start eating them. And yes late at night, in the rain, cold and snow, and when you are sick and you really don't want to.
5. Washing the eggs can occasionally be discussing...mostly on rainy days.
6. Killing the chickens when they stop laying... we haven't done this yet... but from memories when I was a child and having chickens, it will be my Husband's job.  This is also something you don't have to do either... you can just send your friendly pets to a friend, or find a hunting friend that would gladly take them off your hands.

Just remember, these are MY opinions only!  What are some Pros and Cons that you would add to the list?  What's your opinion of it?

Check back next week to see the Changes we plan on making and why.

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  1. Pro: not having to buy eggs! Con: Hearing crows at possible all hours of the day or night.

    1. So true! Luckily, we don't hear any crows since we are far enough away!