How do I keep my kids in bed in the morning?

My goal with this blog is to share all of my "emergency preparedness" for "LIFE'S greatest emergencies"...

kids waking up TOO early consists of an emergency to me 

About a year ago, my oldest kept waking up early and wanting to get up to play.  I tried just leaving him in bed until the designated "wake up" time, but he would scream and scream.  

This got to be a VERY stressful with our mornings not starting out good at all.. which lead to a terrible day overall.  A few mornings I WOULD let him get up, but since he needed that extra rest time, he would just be cranky all day.  

Here are a few reasons WHY I have a designated "wake up" time in our home:  

1.  I have "MY" time in the AM to workout, shower, dressed for work, breakfast started, ect.
2.  I didn't want our schedule to be moved around by kids waking up an hour early... with 2 little ones it was VERY important to have my "windows" of time for errands and ect.
3.  Most of the time, even though the child woke up early, he really needed that extra hour and would most likely go back to sleep.  If I DID let him get up early, it he would be very CRANKY! 

How did I get my son to stay in bed?  

What's a mom to do when her kids keep getting up early and everyone is grumpy?  Search AMAZON!  

I found this:  

I LOVE it!  My son was only 1 1/2 at the time, so he couldn't read/understand numbers.  This alarm turns GREEN when it's "OK to Wake"!  After the first week of explaining to him when he came out of his room "stay in your bed until the bug turns green" it's been a miracle worker!  

A Few reasons while I like it:

1.  The bug lights up green making it easy for younger kids to realize when it's time to get out of bed.  My kids are now 3yr and 18months.  (I've been using it for over a year).  The 18month old starts laughing and pointing from his crib when he sees the bug turn green... INSTEAD of fussing till I come get him.  

2.  It makes me get up before then to get things done, OR I can sleep in... but ONLY until the designated time because my boys will be yelling "Mom BUG TURNED GREEN!!!"

3.  I can turn off the alarm, so the bug just lights up... if the kids do sleep in, it doesn't wake them!
4.  I can turn on an alarm...even though I haven't used it.

5.  There is a "nap" setting.  My oldest is starting to grow out of naps, but I still like him to have 2 hrs of quiet time each day.  So, I give him some books and say "stay in bed till the bug beeps".  You can set the "nap" timer for any time!

I love that now, if my boys wake up at 6:15 (instead of the designated 6:45) I can hear them playing with each other, tossing animals back and forth and playing happily UNTIL the bug turns green!  No more emergencies!  A happy mom lives here!

No more yelling at my kids to get back in bed.  No more fussy kids wanting to get out of bed.  


***Let me make this clear:  He CAN play in his room (which has no toys in it), but is NOT allowed to come out of his room****

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