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Here are the budget worksheets I used.  I can't remember where I got most of my ideas from... I think it was here, but made changes with looking at other sources from Pinterest and whats worked for us. 

Budget Worksheet

I talked about this worksheet before in my post "How to Create a Budget" where you can see a photo of my blank one.    

Income/Expense/Difference Worksheet

This worksheets helps you compare what you've made verse what you spend over a period of time.  

What you do:  1.  Write down the total Income you made for the month.  
2.  Write down the total amount you Budgeted.  
3.  Write down your total Expenses.  
4.  Then, subtract your Expenses from Income for the Difference.  

How did you do?  

I use this worksheet when looking at how I did for the month and managing my Budget.  You can read my post about "How to Manage your Budget" to learn what works for my family.

Bill Payment Plan Worksheet
This is an example of my plan on when to pay my bills and put money into savings.  My husband gets paid each week, but I also put an example if you get paid twice a month too.  I have a list of what bills I pay with each pay check.  

I used to always pay bills as soon as I got them, but sometimes we wouldn't have the money, so I would put them off... And forget about them. Not good!  

It also helps me remember when my automatic bills get taken out.  

I tend to forget about those and we would get overdrafts because I used the money for other bills that weren't due yet.

Bill Check-List Worksheet
This is just another way to double check I've paid my bills.  Can you tell I've forgotten one to many times?  I make a list of all my bills, the estimated amount and a black box for each month to place a "check mark" in when paid.  It helps me remember and see what else I need to pay for the month.  

Email me at for free blank copies for any of these worksheets, just let me know which ones!

What are some tricks or worksheets you use to keep track of bills and manage your budget?  I LOVE seeing new ideas!

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